Staying Active This Winter*

Winter Means Colder Temperatures and Less Daylight, but it Shouldn’t Mean an End to Exercise. Try These Outdoor and Indoor Activities to Keep You Fit this Winter.

For many of us, the first hint of winter means a quick retreat indoors to cozy fires and a good book; but winter doesn’t have to mean a three-month hibernation.

Grab a Coat and Head Outside
Try these outdoor winter exercise options to burn some serious calories and be a fun family activity.

  • Ice Skating
    Ice Skating
    Winter means outdoor rinks! Grab some friends and head for the rink for a fun filled afternoon or night skating under the stars.
  • Holiday Walks/Runs
    Holiday Walks/Runs
    Tis the season for Holiday walks/runs in your town. Sign up for a holiday race and enjoy the winter weather.
  • Walk the Dog
    Walk the Dog
    Bundle up with your furry friend and take a walk around the block. It is a great way to get some fresh air and check out the holiday decorations in your neighborhood.
  • Snowshoeing
    Find a local snow covered park and try your feet at snowshoeing a lap or two. It takes a little getting used to but is a fun change of pace from a normal walk.
  • Sledding
    Dust off the toboggan and enjoy a dart down a hill.
  • Build a Snowman
    Build a Snowman
    This winter necessity is a great calorie buster and also gets you outside for some quality Vitamin D. Take a break with an impromptu snowball fight or make a snow angel.
  • Skiing
    Whether you are familiar with downhill, cross-country, or neither find a local mountain ski school or club and consider taking a half-day lesson.

Prefer Warmer Weather?

Even if cold weather activities have you reaching for the nearest blanket and hot cocoa, there are plenty of activities you can do indoors to stay active.

  • Walk and Shop – Malls are a great way to get out of the house and burn some serious calories walking while staying toasty warm.
  • Hit the Gym – Grab a friend and try a new class. Warm up with hot yoga, Zumba, or spin.
  • Take the Stairs – Go Vertical! Climbing stairs is a great way to torch some serious calories. Take breaks from the fireplace and walk up and down your stairs a few times every hour.
  • Roller-skating – Love skating but hate the cold? Try finding a roller rink for a fun and warm inside activity.
  • Bowling – Grab some friends and head to your local town lanes for some fun.