Making “Home” Even Homier for the Holidays: A Gift Guide for Home Dialysis Patients and Care Partners

Home hemodialysis patients and their care partners know that home therapy can deliver presents that don’t come with a bow – the gifts of time and flexibility. Doing (or helping
with) dialysis at home means more family/friend time, time to relax, and time to catch up on hobbies, TV shows, reading, and more. But it also takes work, so the need to take a
rest and catch your breath is essential.

If you or someone you know is a home dialysis patient or care partner, here are a few ideas to make this season (and those precious extra hours at home) a little comfier, cozier, yummier, and more productive.

Reading writing and coloring
Reading, Writing, Coloring (and Maybe Some Puzzling)

Ebook-readers: Nothing says peace, quiet and relaxation like a good book, and with E-book readers you can have a virtually endless supply of reading material. There are many shapes, sizes, colors, brands, and even textures to choose from.

Paperback or hardcover books: Keeping it old school, paperbacks and hardcover books are the original “page turners.” Giving books means a wide range of price options and can be chosen by author, series, or subject matter!

Journals: If your gift receiver prefers writing over reading, consider a journal. These can be colorful, hardbound, leatherbound, decorative or plain, and even personalized with a name, artwork, or message.

Adult coloring books: Not all books were meant for reading, so why not add a little color to your giving? Adult coloring books provide an artistic outlet and an easy way to unleash the inner Van Gogh in all of us.

Puzzles: Whether solo or with a group, piecing together a puzzle is a satisfying way to pass the time – and they can be completed over hours or even days. The great thing is, they come in a wide variety of sizes, prices, and difficulty. You can even get personal with a custom puzzle made from a favorite photo.

Day at home spa
A Day at the (Home) Spa

Essential oil diffusers: Oil diffusers take delightful smelling essential oils and send them into the air around you as a fine mist. Translation … ahhhhhhh! Put one of these in someone’s stocking for some guaranteed holiday happiness.

Chairback massagers: These miraculous devices turn just about any chair into an instant chillax zone. Available options include vibrations, deep tissue, heat, compression, and more!

Hand lotions: With winter’s cooler drier air, hands and feet may need some extra attention. Give that special someone a quick and easy way to heal and soften their extremities, with a soothing hand or foot lotion.

Salt rock lamps: Salt lamps are crystals carved from amber- or pink-colored Himalayan rock salt. When lit, they give off a soft orange glow that is peaceful, relaxing, and calming. Plugging one in is a great way to “unplug.”

Settle in comfy
Settle in and Get Comfy

Cozy blankets : Dialysis can get chilly, and blankets are often a cherished asset during therapy. These days, cozy blankets and throws are sold just about everywhere and come in a wide range of fabrics – from faux fur to microfleece to chenille, wool, sherpa, and more. What a way to get wrapped up!

Fuzzy socks or slippers: No one (we mean no one!) likes cold feet, so why not give someone’s toes a nice warm place to curl up? Fuzzy socks and cushy slippers are always a welcome sight for anyone who’s feeling feet-igue!

High-quality headphones: An easy way to put the world on hold is with a pair of fancy headphones and a great song (or podcast, or audio book). Noise canceling earbuds and headphones come in all different price ranges, colors, and levels of quality. Sound good?

Dialysis friendly yummy snack baskets: The holidays and food go hand in hand, and what’s better than a seasonal movie and some scrumptious snacks? Whether they like it sweet, savory, spicy, crunchy, chewy, or gooey… a snack basket full of their (dialysis friendly) favs is sure to please!

Happy Gifting!

Not all patients may experience these benefits

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