Holiday Plans, Plan B!

Make the Most of the Least Normal Holiday Season – Ever.

In the middle of a pandemic, the phrase “home for the holidays” takes on a whole new meaning. Typical plans for travel, parties, family dinners, and events have been altered or canceled altogether, leaving us looking for new ways to connect and celebrate. Fortunately, there is no shortage of activities, tasty treats, or technology to help us get by, get in touch, and make a few new memories.

  • Batteries Not Included (or Required)
    Batteries Not Included (or Required)
    These activities prove that sometimes the best way to connect is to disconnect.

  • Think Ink!
    Think Ink!
    Remember pens and paper? Why not take some time to send a friend or loved one a heartfelt letter instead of a text? For a creative touch, consider buying holiday-themed stationary or decorating the envelope with whimsical touches, like stickers, glitter, or your own artwork.
  • Bright Idea
    Bright Idea
    Find out where the most extravagant holiday lights displays are in your town or region and take a drive to find your favorites! For additional fun, have passengers make a Top 5 list and see which glowing residences come out on top.
  • Be Apart, Together
    Be Apart, Together
    If you live someplace where the weather is mild or don’t mind braving colder temps, plan a small outdoor gathering where everyone can stay socially distant but still enjoy each other’s company. Examples include holiday picnics, backyard movie nights, circling around a fire pit, even a tailgate party.
  • Give a Little Bit
    Give a Little Bit
    Try some random acts of kindness to bring some holiday cheer. Go door-to-door caroling with family and/or friends. Embrace your inner elf by secretly dropping small gifts or goodies around the neighborhood. Or for a more angelic approach, donate your time or money to a charity.
  • Get Crafty!
    Get Crafty!
    Whether you’ve got a flair for the artistic or just need to find something fun to keep the kids (or grandkids) busy, your favorite web browser can help you tap into a never-ending list of DIY holiday crafts and decorations. You can also check out these helpful hints from Atlas!

Fantastically festive (renal friendly) foods

Question: What are the holidays without something good to eat? Answer: Incomplete! Below are some unique dishes that will have everyone at the table asking for seconds.

  • Electronic Engagements
    Electronic Engagements
    Technologies that put the social in social distancing.

  • Electronic Engagements
    Electronic Engagements
    Make the most of Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and other video meeting services! Choose a holiday story and ask a family member (maybe a grandparent, aunt, or uncle) to read aloud to “the kids,” whatever their ages.
  • Virtual Dinner
    Virtual Dinner
    Choose some recipes, have several households make an identical meal, and then everyone can video chat via your favorite video meeting service and chow down together!
  • Virtual Yankee Swap
    Virtual Yankee Swap
    Everyone in your group buys a gift online within a given price range. Your video meeting “host” prints out images of the presents and stashes each in bag or envelope. From that point just follow the traditional rules!
  • Pass the Popcorn!
    Pass the Popcorn!
    Teleparty, Disney Plus Party, and Kast are examples of internet browser extensions that enable viewers to remotely watch holiday (or other) movies and shows together. Some services even allow for viewers to post comments onscreen!
  • Make Some Merry Music
    Make Some Merry Music
    Like sharing music with friends? Spotify allows users (even those with free accounts) to create collaborative playlists so they can all listen to their faves together. Deck the halls and pump up the volume!
  • Get Away from It All (Sort Of)
    Get Away from It All (Sort Of)
    Taking a trip is probably not an option right now, but thanks to the internet, you can visit zoos, museums, outer space, and more! For an even more interactive experience, check out Google Arts & Culture, an app that offers tours, games, exhibits, articles and educational videos.
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