Feeling Festive?

Try these D-I-Ydeas for Decorating!

Depending on the climate where you live, your definitions of “outerwear” or “chilly weather” may differ greatly from those of friends and relatives in other parts of the country. But whether you’re looking at swaying palm trees or sad bare branches, we all live by the same calendar, which means “the holidays” are officially upon us. And like many, you may need a little motivation to drag out those dusty decorations.

This year, maybe you should leave the boxes and bins in the closet, basement, or attic, and get artsy with these fun and budget-friendly DIY designs instead. Crafty Holidays to you!

  • Flake out!
    Flake out!
    Making paper snowflakes is a project for all ages, and it couldn’t be simpler. All you need is paper, scissors, and some imagination. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this craft is that you never know what your handiwork will look like until the unfolding. Create a masterpiece and hang it in a window or from the ceiling! But if your flakes are a fail, don’t get cold feet... Try, try again!
  • Wrapper’s Delight!
    Wrapper’s Delight!
    Looking for an alternative to Santas, snowmen and traditional green and red wrapping paper? Or maybe you just want to add a personal touch to your gift-giving? With some butcher paper, twine and a few sprigs of your favorite greenery (evergreen, lavender, eucalyptus) you can turn recyclables ravishing! For more ideas check out this fantastic guide!
  • Store-bought doesn’t hold a candle!
    Store-bought doesn’t hold a candle!
    Too many candles and not enough places to park ‘em? Fear not, there are a gazillion ways to make your own holder for that little light of yours. Two of our favorites are this cinnamon stick treatment and this little mason jar miracle. Besides livening up tables or countertops, you’ll give a new life to an old container.
  • Blizzard in a jar
    Blizzard in a jar
    Since we’re talking glass jars, let’s make something clear! You can also create a very nifty snow globe with a handful of inexpensive supplies, such as clear glue, glitter, water and any wintery toy or trinket that won’t melt away in liquid. This tutorial from Shutterfly will show you how to do it without getting all shook up.
  • Happy little trees
    Happy little trees
    Every pine cone dreams of the day when its seeds grow up to be a great big tree. In the meantime, you can help these wannabe conifers be great little trees – all by themselves! With a little paint, a pint-size planter (or base of some sort) and add-ons of your choice (think glitter, sequins, tiny pompoms, or puffy paint), you can make mini evergreens that will look great just about anywhere.
  • Vined out for yourself!
    Vined out for yourself!
    Grapevine wreaths are known for bringing rustic style to doorways or wall-space. With a handful of craft store supplies and this step-by-step video, almost anyone can make a beautiful and festive piece of trimming that your friends will swear came from a boutique!
  • Creative calendar
    Creative calendar
    There’s something magical about opening the paper windows on an advent calendar and seeing what’s inside. By making your own version of the timeless classic, you can add opportunities for creativity and whimsical gift-giving. Check out a variety of Christmassy concepts here.
  • Not just desserts
    Not just desserts
    Garlands can be used on trees and banisters, around windows, doors, mirrors and just about anywhere else. But the same old same old can get kind of, well, old! Use some pipe cleaners or twine and colorful cupcake cups to bring out your sweeter side – without the colorful calories!
  • Holiday card hang-ups
    Holiday card hang-ups
    Odds are your mailbox doesn’t know if you’re celebrating the holidays or not, so what do you do with all those cards from friends and family? Hang some string, get a pack of mini clothespins, and – voila! You’ve got a decorative way to display those thoughtful greetings in a place where you might even look at them before they hit the recycling bin.
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