Make Five for the Fourth!

A Delicious Way to Celebrate Independence Day

What makes your July 4th go BOOM!? Is it fireworks? Parades? A beach party? Maybe it’s the sight of a festive table full of delicious, colorful, mouthwatering menu items.

No matter where or how you choose to celebrate, Independence Day just isn’t the same without yummy food and cold beverages. We’ve provided links to some fantastic online recipe resources, and – to keep things simple – a list of 5 easy and delish culinary creations that will put you on course for a fab 4th. And they are all dialysis-diet friendly!

  • Refreshing Raspberry Punch
    CLINK! What could be more summery than a chilled drink to beat the heat? This appropriate-for-all-ages Refreshing Raspberry Punch has berries, a bit of sherbet, ginger ale, and juice. Ahhhhhhh!
  • Asian Pear Salad
    Go Greens! Fresh fruit, candied nuts, crumbled cheese, and leafy greens? It’s rare that a salad has the potential to outshine the entrée, but a crisp and delectable Asian Pear Salad might do just the trick!
  • Chicken with Cornbread Stuffing
    Did someone say mixing biscuits with pleasure? Light, flaky, and hot from the oven. Almost everyone loves a fresh homemade biscuit, regardless of the time of day or season. This recipe uses a kidney-friendly master mix for baking and is sure to receive some sunny smiles!
  • Master Mix: Fresh Homemade Biscuits
    How about some patriotic poultry? Did you know that Benjamin Franklin chose the turkey, not the eagle, as the national bird of the United States? In honor of Great Uncle Benji, here’s a little Thanksgiving-style main course (substituting chicken) to celebrate our nation’s birth. But don’t get too stuffed, you’ve got dessert coming!
  • Blueberry Whipped Pie
    Time for a grand finale! For a final course, we’ve chosen a dessert that is not only scrumptious, it also (kind of) looks like fireworks made of berries! Get ready for an explosion of flavor and a colorful display all your own!

We hope your Independence Day is sunny, fun, full of flavor and good times, and that you get to celebrate it with great food and great people. Happy 4th!

For more great recipes, you can check out this wonderful kidney-friendly cookbook, or the following resources: